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aluminium alloys

alliages d'aluminium





Primary and Secondary Aluminium Casting Alloys

The best materials for all casting processes


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What do we have to offer you ?

We specialize in

Aluminium Casting Alloys

        •  primary and secondary alloys
        •  according to all international standards
        •  according to your individual requirements


Experience in a relaxed manner the reliable supply of your company with high-quality aluminium materials for pressure die casting, sand casting and gravity die casting according to your requirements and


. . .  benefit from a convincing price-performance ratio.


Secondary Al Alloys:


226 A   (EN AB-46200)

226 D   (EN AB-46000)

230 A   (EN AB-44200)

231 A   (EN AB-47000)

231 D   (EN AB-47100)

230 A   (EN AB-44100)

230 D   (EN AB-44300)

239 A   (EN AB-43100)

239 D   (EN AB-43400)


Primary Al Alloys:


AlSi7Mg   (EN AB-42100)

AlSi9Mg   (EN AB-43300)

AlSi10Mg (EN AB-43000)

AlSi11      (EN AB-44000)

AlSi12      (EN AB-44200)



Aluminium 99,7

Rotor Aluminium 99,7 

(in 5-7 kg ingots)


 Master Alloys 

Copper Alloys

Copper Granules


About us :

ISAL stands for Aluminium, Competence and Reliability.

We are specialists in Aluminium Alloys with many years of experience in the aluminium industry. In close cooperation with renowned partners we supply materials for all your requirements. Reliability, quality awareness and fairness are our basic principles. Foundries of all sizes trust us. We want to convince our business partners with top performance and value long-term business relationships.

In an emergency we are able to deliver all common primary and secondary alloys to our customers, even in difficult market situations. Hardly anyone can do this better.

For you we are in the middle of the market. Our customers appreciate our connections and our ability to take advantage of market opportunities. Quality and customer satisfaction are always our top priority.

You can rely on that. If you don't know us yet, we would like to invite you to see our capabilities for yourself !


What you can expect :

Security of supply and constant quality through efficient alliances.

High quality at the lowest possible cost requires efficient partners. Our customers can rely on experience and proven connections. In cooperation with you, we determine what is particularly important to you. In this way, your very special needs are the focus.

Our particular strength lies in our ability to deliver very quickly, precisely and reliably. Your advantages: Time, space, liquidity.

In addition, you benefit from favorable conditions that we can offer thanks to market proximity and special agreements.

Let's talk about it !

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Contact :                 Ingo J. Seibel

Phone :         +49 2163 5770 630

E-mail :              office@isalco.de

If you have a question or want to send us an email:


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We look forward to hearing from you.


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tel: +49 2163 5770 630  ·  mail:  office@isalco.de

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