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Our contribution to your success.

tel: +49 2163 5770 630  ·  mail: office@isalco.de

What do we have to offer you ?

Aluminium Casting Alloys

        •  primary and secondary aluminium alloys
        •  according to all international standards
        •  according to your individual needs


Experience the reliable supply of your company with high-quality aluminium materials for pressure die casting, sand casting and gravity die casting according to your requirements and . . .


benefit from a convincing price-performance ratio.


Secondary Al Alloys:


226 A   (EN AB-46200)

226 D   (EN AB-46000)

230 A   (EN AB-44200)

231 A   (EN AB-47000)

231 D   (EN AB-47100)

230 A   (EN AB-44100)

230 D   (EN AB-44300)

239 A   (EN AB-43100)

239 D   (EN AB-43400)


Primary Al Alloys:


AlSi7Mg   (EN AB-42100)

AlSi9Mg   (EN AB-43300)

AlSi10Mg (EN AB-43000)

AlSi11      (EN AB-44000)

AlSi12      (EN AB-44200)



Aluminium 99,7

Rotor Aluminium 99,7 

(in 5-7 kg ingots)


 Master Alloys 

Copper Alloys

Copper Granules




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About us :

ISAL stands for competence, customer proximity and reliability.

We do what we do best. After many years of experience in the aluminum manufacturing industry, since 2004 we have been concentrating as an independent company on the distribution of primary and secondary aluminum alloys in Europe. In cooperation with renowned producers, we offer demanding foundries the best possible supply of high-quality aluminium materials in accordance with all standards and individual specifications. We face the challenges of the markets with interest and ambition and work successfully to establish and maintain long-term customer and supplier relationships.

If necessary, we can provide our customers with all common primary and secondary alloys unusually fast. Hardly anyone can do this better in terms of speed and versatility.

We are in the middle of the market. Our customers appreciate our connections to take advantage of market opportunities. Quality and customer satisfaction always come first.

That's something you can rely on.


What you can expect :

Supply security and consistent quality through efficient alliances.

High quality at the lowest possible cost requires efficient partners. Our customers can rely on experience and proven connections. We work with you to find out what is important to you. Your specific needs are the focus.

One of our strengths is fast delivery, exactly fitting and reliable. Your advantages: Time, space, liquidity.

In addition, you benefit from favorable conditions that we can offer thanks to market proximity and special agreements.

Let's talk about it!


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Contact :                 Ingo J. Seibel

Phone :         +49 2163 5770 630

E-mail :              office@isalco.de

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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